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Ridgeway Rise Care Home has been considerately designed to allow residents to live life their way, whether they enjoy an active lifestyle or prefer a quieter way of life, or a balance between the two. Our beautiful home and lovely grounds are ideal for those who enjoy peace and quiet, and enjoy taking their days at a slower pace. 

The impact that noise has on residents, especially those living with dementia is considered and made a priority by our care staff. We understand that there are particularly noisy times of the day, such as shift change-over and mealtimes, we have therefore dedicated quiet areas that residents can retreat to should they wish.

A Secure & Private Outside Space

Our landscaped gardens provide the ideal setting for our residents to enjoy a quiet moment. Whether they wish to simply sit and appreciate nature, get lost in a book, or play a tabletop game, residents have a wonderful outside space to sit quietly and admire the views. Our beautiful landscaped gardens are secure and entirely private, allowing residents to use the space independently. 

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The Benefits of a Quiet Area

All residents, and especially those with sensory impairments, cerebral palsy or dementia will greatly benefit from utilising the quiet areas available around our home. Furnished with soft objects and gentle lighting, quiet areas can help improve focus and provide a calming effect on individuals. From our resident’s private bedrooms and landscaped garden, through to the dedicated quiet areas around the home, residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting where to go and how they want to enjoy a more peaceful way of life.

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What You’ll Find at Ridgeway Rise

Ridgeway Rise Care Home has been thoughtfully designed for each and every one of our residents, providing a comfortable and supportive first-class living environment. We firmly believe that our residents should be able to live their lives as they see fit, and we are dedicated to supporting them with this in every way.

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Comfortable Lounges

Quiet Areas FAQs

Our residents can find peace and quiet in many corners of our care home, including in their very own bedrooms which have been fully furnished and equipped with all that they need to sit back and relax. Residents can also find calm in our garden when the weather allows and in one of our smaller lounges which have been decorated with soft furnishings and comfortable seating for optimum relaxation.

We understand how living in a care home is a very different lifestyle that many of our residents are not used to. Whilst our care home brings plenty of benefits, including companionship, we know that is essential for our residents to continue their independence and have time to themselves every now and then. Having time alone to reflect, read a good book, or simply enjoy a meal can be very calming and we aim to support our resident’s wellbeing in whatever way suits them.

Comprehensive Health & Personal Care For All

We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents here at our care home in Swindon. We aim to enhance overall wellbeing, encouraging both active body and mind, by providing the highest quality of life for each and every individual who lives with us. Ridgeway Rise Care Home delivers unrivalled care each and every day, set within a comfortable and safe environment where residents have the added benefit of group living and independence. 

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