At Ridgeway Rise Care Home we make the wellbeing of our residents our top priority and it is our goal to make sure that any risks of illnesses are reduced as much as possible. To allow us to do this, we continue to follow the guidance and legislation as issued by the Government and key sector bodies and we are committed to keeping our residents, their families, and our staff well-informed at all times.

Since the effects of COVID-19, we have created new policies and have put in new procedures to provide reassurance to not only our residents but also their loved ones. 

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Maintaining a Sense of Normalcy

To make sure that we continue to have a safe home, we have sanitation products always available to use. As part of our training, all staff members must learn and follow our infection prevention control measures to ensure that we are keeping our homes safe.

Ridgeway Rise Care Home understands how important it is to keep up with the advice provided to us by the Government, Department of Health, and the local NHS Trust.

To help us reduce colds, flu or viruses within our home we recommend all of our residents, employees and guests have up-to-date vaccinations. If cases do arise, we have processes in place to keep other individuals protected.

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Keeping Residents Connected

Because of COVID-19 and the restrictions it caused, we understand that human connection is super important. Ridgeway Rise has several ways to make sure that its residents can stay connected with their loved ones and the local community.

Our home encourages guests to visit but we also recommend that our residents leave the home for day trips or overnight stays. Currently, there is no need for isolation for temporary leave but we will carry out risk assessments on the return to the home. This includes the use of respiratory screening questions.

If visiting the home becomes restricted, we have a range of online devices to allow our residents to stay connected with their families, which includes video calls.

We also host a range of activities at Ridgeway Rise that our residents can go to and continue their hobbies or find some new interests that they would like to pursue.

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We understand the importance of COVID-19 and keeping our residents, their families, and our staff safe. At Ridgeway Rise Care Home, we are always happy to assist and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Here are some of our FAQs regarding COVID-19. 

Whilst being vaccinated is no longer mandatory we strongly recommend that all residents, their visitors, and team members at Ridgeway Rise Care Home are fully COVID-19 vaccinated, including future boosters, unless medically exempt. To reduce the risk of infection to others we will continue to encourage our team members to have all their vaccinations.

When transferring from the community or another care home a person does not need to isolate if the circumstances at the care home / interim care facility from which the person has transferred are known.

If the resident is symptomatic or has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, then they should isolate and perform two LFT tests on day (0), and again on day (2). Isolation can end following two negative tests.

If the resident tests positive in the home, they must be isolated for 5 days. The resident can then return to their normal activities if they feel well and do not have a high temperature (without the use of medication paracetamol).

Residents who test positive should avoid contact with other people who are eligible for COVID-19 treatments for 10 days after a positive test. Residents unable to take the test should isolate for 5 days.

During an outbreak, there may be risk assessments carried out to include but not limited to the control of visiting arrangements, admissions to the home, and the use of communal areas for a period of time. We work closely with local and national agencies in accordance with local agreements and guidance. For more information please contact our Home Manager directly.

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