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At Ridgeway Rise Care Home, residents will find a tantalising and diverse menu on offer every day. With a dedicated on-site chef, we always have plenty of tempting culinary choices on offer. Our wonderful kitchen team takes into account food preferences and dietary needs providing a full menu choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

We understand the importance a nutritious meal has on the overall impact on our health and wellbeing. We vary our menus on a daily basis while retaining familiar favourites. We have hot and cold selections, including soft, easy to eat options. We also accommodate all dietary and cultural requirements.

Quality Dining Every Day

At Ridgeway Rise Care Home it is our mission to provide residents with access to the finer things in life, including a first-class dining experience. Our goal is to offer an ever-changing menu made with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We take great pride in producing healthy, appetising food that not only provides nutritional value but is great tasting. All meals are freshly prepared each day by our in-house Chef, are packed full of flavour, and include all the seasonal favourites. As well as providing residents with the opportunity to take part in national events and holidays, such as Burns Night, Valentine’s Day, St George’s Day and Bonfire Night, we have plenty of themed events, meals and treats for residents to enjoy. 

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Catering for all Dietary Requirements

When creating menus, our dedicated Chef carefully considers all allergies, cultural requirements, and dietary needs, ensuring each meal is suitable for all. Whether residents request vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan menus, we strive to ensure our residents’ tastes and needs are met. We go above and beyond to learn the likes and dislikes of our residents and do all that we can to meet their preferences and to ensure our residents live their life entirely their way.

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What You’ll Find in Our Dining Areas

Ridgeway Rise Care Home residents have access to a variety of Dining options, each one being accessible and comfortable for all to enjoy. With an experienced kitchen team and a wide variety of tasty cuisines to select from, each mealtime is guaranteed to be pleasurable as the next.

Never Miss a Special Occasion

We have the perfect dining space where residents are able to make the most of. Should residents wish to invite their loved ones to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or simply wish to enjoy a private dining experience, our accessible dining room is available for residents to use. We have the resources to allow residents and their friends and family to create wonderful moments together in our very own private space, and ensure they never miss a special occasion.

Seasonal Menus

Our food menus are updated regularly to ensure that our residents are eating only the highest-quality ingredients and the freshest produce available. We vary our menus on a daily basis while retaining familiar favourites. We have hot and cold selections, including soft, easy-to-eat options. 

Your Meal, Your Way

We aim to make every mealtime as enjoyable as possible for all of our residents, regardless of their situation. Our kitchen staff ensures that each dining area is safe, comfortable, and equipped with all of the amenities that our residents require, allowing them to focus on their meal and appreciate every moment. Residents are also invited to enjoy their meal in their own room should they wish. It is important to us that residents enjoy their meals, exactly how they want to.

Dining Room

Dining FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dining at Ridgeway Rise. If your question isn’t answered here, we welcome you to view all our FAQs or get in touch with our friendly team, who will help in any way they can.

Our experienced in-house chef and kitchen staff work hard to provide nutritional, high-quality meals for our residents. Following the seasons, we proudly present residents with a regularly changing menu using the finest and locally sourced ingredients. We invite our residents to share their favourite dishes with us so that we can include them in our menu. As well as providing residents with the opportunity to take part in national events and holidays, such as Burns Night, Valentine’s Day, St George’s Day and Bonfire Night, we have plenty of themed events, meals, and treats for residents to look forward to.

Yes. Everyone who lives at Ridgeway Rise Care Home has the freedom to eat their meals wherever they wish. Residents can opt to eat in the communal dining areas or discreetly in their rooms. They are also welcome to invite and host family gatherings in our private dining area or outside when the weather permits.

Yes. We create varied menus every day and residents have complete control over their meal selections. Personal preferences, cultural requirements and dietary restrictions are very important and our kitchen staff understands and respects this. 

Community & Companionship

We aim to make every day as interesting and as enjoyable as possible. By combining the highest quality of care alongside a variety of enriching activities, we are able to enhance residents’ wellbeing and sense of routine. We encourage our residents to try new things as well as continue with their favourite hobbies, meet new people and make use of all of the amenities our home has to offer. We operate as one big family here at Ridgeway Rise, whether you are a resident, a member of our team, or simply just visiting for the day. We understand a great family makes a house a home; we facilitate residents so they are able to retain connections to their loved ones and enjoy the community and companionship of fellow residents and staff.

Comprehensive Care For All

We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents. We aim to enhance overall wellbeing, encouraging both active body and mind, by providing the highest quality of life for each and every individual who lives with us. Our experienced team understands the comprehensive care and assistance residents require to improve not only their health but also their quality of life. Ridgeway Rise Care Home delivers unrivalled care each and every day, set within a comfortable and safe environment where residents are able to enjoy the benefits of group living and independence.

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Get in Touch Today

We welcome any questions you have regarding life at Ridgeway Rise Care Home, any of the services or facilities available or the care we deliver. Our friendly staff are on hand to provide answers; get in touch today by calling 01793 378 872 or emailing info@ridgewayrise.com. Alternatively, you can complete the online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.