Our Approach at Ridgeway Rise Care Home

Ridgeway Rise Care Home is a purpose-built luxury care home with a mission to make every day as interesting and as enjoyable as possible, giving each resident every opportunity to live an enriched and independent life in a supportive environment. We do this by combining the highest quality of care alongside a variety of activities, based on people’s individual preferences to enhance residents’ wellbeing and sense of routine.

The care offered to our residents is tailored to their individual needs. Together with relatives and friends, we take the time to get to know our residents, to help them retain important relationships and connections to their community and their past. Everyone has a rich history of life experiences and we want to make the most of these in the care we provide.

Comprehensive Care For All

We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents. We aim to enhance overall wellbeing, encouraging both active body and mind, by providing the highest quality of life for each and every individual who lives with us. Our experienced team understands the comprehensive care and assistance residents require to improve not only their health but also their quality of life. Ridgeway Rise Care Home delivers unrivalled care each and every day, set within a comfortable and safe environment where residents are able to enjoy the benefits of group living and independence.

Resident and Staff Smiling