Olympic Games at Ridgeway Rise

In October 2020 Ridgeway Rise resident took part in Virtual Senior Games organised by Swindon Borough Council and Swindon Sports Forum.

Residents competed in 4 disciplines: Tin Alley, Golf, Javelin Throw, Target Throw. We loved how all sports were planned in consideration of different physical and mental abilities of the residents.

Bella Balaci said: We used to have an open door event every 3 months, here at Ridgeway Rise. The current situation unfortunately restricted our options, therefore it was great to see that a virtual substitute could be equally enjoyable. We loved joining in a friendly competition with other care homes. Big congratulations for the winners and hopefully we will be able to do it in person next year.

All sports were planned in consideration of each elderly participant’s different physical and mental abilities.

Each of 6 care home recorded their six best performances in each event before judge Chris Baker picked who would win gold, silver and bronze medals.Everyone thoroughly enjoyed all challenges. Ridgeway Rise finished the Games in a 4th place, taking silver in Javelin and bronze in Golf. Residents received certificates and medals.

Team and residents at Ridgeway Rise got into the spirit of things by creating colourful banners with Olympic rings which were hung up around the home as well as giving numbers for each team taking part and kicking off with a torch relay between colleagues and residents.

The pandemic prompted a change of plans to make the games virtual rather than having all six care homes taking part together in the same venue.We run  a ‘dream catcher’ project to help those who live their make their wishes come true.

As part of this, one resident who hoped to one day sing on-stage for an important event got to sing the national anthem at the Games’ closing ceremony.

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