Families Reunited as Care Home Allows Visiting Indoors

LOVED ones have visited their elderly relatives indoors for the first time since the pandemic started.

Ridgeway Rise Care Home allowed parents and children to reunite safely inside the building for 30-minutes by pre-booking then having their temperature checked on arrival along with a rapid coronavirus test and filling out a test-and-trace form.

Zoe Hopkins said: “If someone had said two years ago that a global pandemic would stop me from seeing my parents, hugging them, or holding their hands I would not have believed it.

“Then Covid-19 arrived and the whole world changed. There were times we stood outside their window to talk to them, there were times we were behind a screen, then there were times we couldn’t go in at all.

“Talking to someone through FaceTime is not the same as being in the room with them, so being able to visit in my fathers room for the first time was fantastic.

“To be inside my dad’s room, to see the view out of his window, to see where they go for lunch, it is difficult to sum up how emotional that was.

“It made a huge difference to my parents. My sister and I agree that their mood was upbeat, they were happy and positive.

I am very grateful to Ridgeway Rise for everything they have done to keep my parents safe, during these crazy times.”

Jill Wilkins agreed: “We are so grateful that our parents have been looked after.. When they arrived in November, their lives were turned upside down but the staff all took time to get to know them.

” Seeing them for the first time, holding their hands, seeing their smiles has been really emotional. The gratitude we have for their care, support and understanding will always be treasured.”

“ It has been a challenging year, especially not being able to visit my mum and worrying about how the pandemic would affect her.

Beverley Cowley said: “I was overjoyed when Ridgeway Rise organised in-house visits. Spending quality time with my mum is very precious to both of us.“I want to thank everyone at the care home for their outstanding work during and before the pandemic.”

General manager Bella Balaci said: ‘It’s exciting news that is filling us with hope that the worldwide crisis related to Covid-19 is getting more under control.

“We are aware that every stage in easing of the government’s rules entails a certain element of risk, but we do look forward to reintroducing loved ones and starting the long process of rebuilding and returning to places filled with laughter, love and joy for everyone.”

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