Dream Catcher Project

The Dream Catcher Project

At Ridgeway Rise care home we offer residential, nursing and dementia care for up to 73 residents. We work very closely with them, their relatives and friends to create life stories and design the activities that they would enjoy. We understand the importance of supporting our residents to stay active and enjoy life. We also encourage them not to give up on their dreams, therefore we started the Dream Catcher project, where we capture residents’ wishes and dreams and no matter how challenging and extravagant, we aim to fulfil them. So far, we organised a Classic Car Show for a resident, who used to be a proud owner of the vintage automobile. We had a soldier and the army dog visiting retired officer John and mini ZOO bringing tears of joy to Sheila, the animal lover. Rosemary, who lost her beloved dog had a visit from 3 rescue dogs and despite being in a wheelchair, she was given an opportunity to walk them in the garden.

Valerie is an artist and at Our Open Day in June we arranged an exhibition and sale of her artwork. Val was a regular volunteer steward in the Brunel Centre gallery right up until December 2017, when her dementia at last made this too difficult. However, with the help of her close friend Richard and the support and encouragement of team at Ridgeway Rise, Val has been able to continue with her lifelong love of painting.

Dylan (16) one of the NCS volunteers helped us grand a wish for Doug and in September they are going to watch a football game, live at Swindon Town stadium. Dylan surprised Doug with the gift saying: “You are an amazing person; I’ve had a great time with you and just wanted to give you something special”.