Birthday hugs for 74-year-old Sarah as loved ones visit Swindon care home

LOVED ones reunited with a hug when they visited an elderly relative in a Swindon care home.

Relaxed lockdown restrictions allowed Harriett Peters to have a long-overdue cuddle with her mum Sarah at Ridgeway Rise on Monday.

And as if that wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, the next big step in the easing of coronavirus safety guidelines happened on Sarah’s birthday.

Sarah’s cousin Jane Talbot could visit as well thanks to an expansion of the visitor policy at the care home.

Cake, candles and cards completed a very special day for the family.

When asked how she felt after the happy reunion, the 74-year-old said: “ ‘It was a blossom of normality, so refreshing.

“It felt so lovely and natural to be able to hug my daughter and cousin again after all that time.”

arah at Ridgeway Rise reunites with daughter Harriett and cousin Jane on her 74th birthday

General manager Bella Balaci said on the day: “Today we took yet another step to get closer to the life we missed so much.

“We loved witnessing those first hugs that were so generously shared.”

Until Monday, two named visitors could pop in to see a loved one who lived in the care home, but now more extended family members can visit.

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